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As I was visiting the Natural History Museum with my family in London I was struck by this phrase seen in one of their exhibitions:

“Weathering does not destroy, it transforms!”

It really struck a cord with me in regards to life’s hardships. In the same way the natural weather transforms the landscape of our natural world the ‘weather’ that our own lives experience can also transform us. When we are going through hard times we can approach them from two angles:

  1. That this hard time we are going through will eventually destroy us; that there is no end and we can no longer fight the inevitable result of the ‘storm’
  2. That this hard time we are going through is shaping new paths and new channels for us to explore; without this ‘storm’ we would have been stuck following the same path of life that we had always been following.

I have experienced approaching life’s ‘storms’ from both of these angles; the hopeless feeling of destruction and the uplifting feeling of new direction. I can quite easily say that the approach of transformation makes storms much easier to experience than destruction. It is the outward and upward approach of this thinking that eventually leads us to look upon life’s storms and frequent ‘weathering’ as a blessing in disguise. The landscape of our natural world would be lacking certain sights of beauty if it had not undergone any ‘weathering’; this too is true for our own lives. The times I can see most beauty in my life have always been around a time of being ‘weathered’ whether it had been by a great storm of pain or a slow trickling of hardship. Without the hardship of losing my sister I may never have met my now loving husband; without the pain of waiting for love I may never have truly appreciated the love I now have; without the sorrow of loneliness I may never have found the precious friends I now have; without the physical pain and exhaustion of child birth I would be without 2 beautiful daughters and without the grinding nature of ill health and mental health I may not be now entering a time of joy and prospects for the future. Without the weathering in my life where would I be? No-one knows for sure where or who we would be without these times in our lives but one things for sure weathering transforms more than it destroys.

We can rejoice, too, when we run into problems and trials for we know that they help us develop endurance. And endurance develops strength of character, and character strengthens our confident hope of salvation. Romans 5:3-4
This quote from Romans gives us another reason to approach hardships with a positive attitude for it strengthens our character and our hope in salvation through Jesus.

Let us therefore approach our times of hardship knowing that these times are temporary, that they will not destroy but transform and strengthen us.

Can you see the transforming beauty in the weathering of your life??