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Thirty things before I'm 30

I’m heading into my final year of being in my twenties and I love to have a sense of achievement in my life so I have created a short ‘bucket list’ of things I would love to say I have done before I reach 30. It’s a mix of things I’ve always liked the idea of but just never got round to doing, things that I’d love to achieve and things that push me and my anxiety. Some will be relatively easy and simply fun; but others are going to be a HUGE challenge and I may even perhaps have to face them as in-achievable at this time in my life but sometimes it’s good to aim high as it allows us to surprise ourselves from time to time.

So this is where I plan to document my adventures and share with you the progress of achieving dreams whilst being under the threat of anxiety and panic. I hope for this to be an encouragement for both myself and others undergoing the frustrations of anxiety!!

How Far I've got

The List

  • Water Obstacle Course 0%
  • Learn How to Play Chess 0%
  • Kayak on the Sea 0%
  • Have a Gin and Tonic 0%
  • Watch a Black and White Film 0%
  • Adult Sleepover 0%
  • Go Fishing 0%
  • Visit a driving Range 0%
  • Make my Own Cheese 100%
  • Pottery or Glass Blowing 0%
  • Build my own WordPress Theme 0%
  • Complete Web Development Course 20%
  • Build a Home Server using the Raspberry Pi 40%
  • Create a Computer/Mobile App/Game 0%
  • Visit a London Theatre 0%
  • Read the Whole Bible 12%
  • Sleep Under the Stars 0%
  • Submit a Photograph into a Competition 0%
  • See the Sunrise on the South Downs 0%
  • Karaoke 0%
  • Eat Sushi 0%
  • Climb a Mountain 0%
  • Long Cycle Ride (Over 20 Miles) 0%
  • Long Distance Walk/Run (5km+) 0%
  • Abseiling the Spinnaker Tower 0%
  • Have a Day at the Beach on My Own 0%
  • Get a Treatment at a Spa 0%
  • Spend a Night in a Hotel on My Own 0%
  • Ride a Horse 0%
  • Complete 15 Website Projects 40%