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The Beginning

The Beginning

So today is the day; it’s my 29th Birthday and I have reached the last year of my twenties. For the last 8 months I have been planning a list of things I would love to say I have done before I reach thirty. It has been a list compromising of some fun light-hearted activities with some really personal boundary pushing items.

Having had a real roller coaster of a ride the last 18 months; I had begun to believe that anxiety had become a distant thing of the past and I could look ahead to the future and conquer many things. However sadly in the last 2-3 months I’ve had a set-back or perhaps more of a detour off the track of recovery! I considered changing my list to make it more achievable and suit where I am presently at with anxiety but I suddenly realised that I was allowing myself to assume this was a long term thing (which I don’t accept it will be!) and also I was making this about achieving the ALL; that my mind set so loves to do. Perhaps the greatest challenge of all will be to potentially face not achieving the ‘all’ but still remaining satisfied and content with what I have achieved!!!

So I would love you to join me this year on an adventure as I share the highs and lows of managing to live a year of dreams alongside my anxiety! I plan to keep you updated on my progress and share with you any difficulties face or milestones achieved. In my current state nearly all of the items on my list will overcome some kind of hurdle and I will share individually why as we go along!

NB. Some of the items have already got some progress as they required more than a year to complete but will hopefully still be achieved before I’m 30!

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