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Do you see life as just plain white or all the colours of the rainbow?
As a child I used to be fascinated by optical illusions; still am really; the way in which an image can look like one thing from one angle; look again or a bit harder and it’s something completely different. The way in which light could be shone through a prism and display all it’s hidden colours used to be one of my favourite – one moment light was just simply plain white then all of a sudden it showed all the colours of the rainbow; it was still the same light but just looked at different angle. A while back there was a huge disagreement on social media over the colour of somebody’s dress; was it Gold and white or black and blue – amazingly people saw it completely differently. Sometimes we create our own ‘optical illusions’ with the way we view life – we can be deceived by our perception of life. Sometimes we see just the plain, simple white light and other times we can see all the colours of the rainbow.

Do you see life as just plain white or all the colours of the rainbow?

Our perceptions in life can be created through all sorts of things:
  • Our natural character
  • Our upbringing 
  • Our experiences in life
  • The environment that surrounds us
  • Our day to day feelings
 We can so easily become deceived by our perceptions of who we are; of others and the world around us. This deception can cause us to have some real issues and certainly won’t help us to live up to the life God originally intended for us. I have recently undertaken some sessions of therapy which have been so eye opening to the way I perceived myself, others and the world – how unhelpful some of these perceptions were. I perceived myself as so rubbish that it had a knock on effect on how I perceived others – I was bad and everyone else around me was perfect. The silly thing with this view is it became very hard to be true to myself and who I was because I was trying to be like everyone else; which of course doesn’t work. Everyone did things completely differently to oneanother. One friend may prioritise  a clean house over spending time with family; another would prioritise spending time with friends over having a job – so then I would have to try and prioritise everything; which just wasn’t going to happen partly because there aren’t enough hours in the day but also because then nothing is actually prioritised and you begin to just not actually do anything properly. I’ve begun to realise that I was being deceived by my perception of myself and it needed to change – which has not been and is not an easy thing to do.

How accurate is your perception of yourself, others and the world around you?

One key perception that we can be deceived by is our perception of God – this is the most important perception to get right but also the hardest – he is so vast that we can’t see Him from all the differing angles. Our perception of God is created in just the same way as all our other perceptions are created: upbringing, experiences, environment, feelings and emotions – it all effects the way we view God. My perception of God until recent years was that he loved me and saw me as precious but because I’m not perfect he wasn’t happy with me. The trouble with this view is that as I read the bible to learn more about God my perception caused me to read it like a correction manual; it felt as though each word was a way in which God was telling me off; correcting me; helping me to become perfect – something that in this life is unattainable! It made the bible such a struggle to read and although I knew that because of Jesus I was forgiven it still wasn’t enough for me to truly please God – now I realise that I can never fully truly please God but that doesn’t mean that he’s not pleased with me. We are all likely to have a different perception of God because we are all made to be different and that’s ok but the key thing is, is your perception of God hindering you from having a close relationship with him because if it is then you’re being deceived by your perception. The way we view God should always help us draw closer to him not further away; there will always be new things to learn about God and who he is but if what we learn distorts our perception of Him then we need to re-look at what we’ve learnt and whether it improves our perception of God or not. God is all about relationship – that’s why he made us; that’s why he sent his son and that’s why he seeks us today.

What is your perception of God? Are you being deceived by your perception of Him?